Jonah: One Year – Arlington VA Lifestyle Photographer

“sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”
– dr seussNorthern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock03bwit’s been just over a year since i last saw Brooke and Jonah, but since he just celebrated his very first birthday we were able to document the occasion with some updated family pictures! :)  how gorgeous are his sweet smile and big blue eyes?!Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock04Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock06Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock07Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock08Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock10… gotta love those big sisters ;) Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock14i kinda love that this little bear made it into this years family portraits as well :) he was a welcome presence in our last session too!Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock16Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock17family tea party time!Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock19Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock20who needs toys when you’ve got a big empty box?! ;)Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock22Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock26i’m still completely smitten with Brooke’s gorgeous curls!Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock27that shot on the right? it just might be my favorite from our session because of the ‘realness’ of it. one of their favorite games to play is hide and seek, and as soon as Jonah found his mama he celebrated with a little snuggle :)Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock29Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock35Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock36something tells me that she probably spends quite a bit of time dressed like this ;) Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock40every princess needs to be dipped! :)Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock43Northern_VA_Lifestyle_Portrait_Photographer_Binstock46bwhappy 1st birthday, jonah! you can go back and see his newborn portrait session HERE. happy thursday!

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