Griffin: One Year – McLean VA Family Photographer

“the things she knew, let her forget again-
let her have laughter with her little one;
teach her the endless, tuneless songs to sing,
grant her her right to whisper to her son
the foolish names one dare not call a king.”
– prayer for a new mother – dorothy parker
McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters01can you believe this snuggly little boy celebrated his very first birthday back in january?! thankfully they had a quick trip back to VA planned last week so we were finally able to sneak in his first birthday session!McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters02he even dished out a few snuggles for lily too!McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters04bwMcLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters05McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters09McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters10bwMcLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters11McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters13McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters18McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters20McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters22bwMcLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters23McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters25stairs are his new fav ;) McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters27McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters29McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters31this boy has zero interest in walking (for now) but he did agree to hang onto the railing for a few seconds ;) whew those blue eyes melt me every time!McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters32McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters34McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters36McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters38McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters43best. day. ever :) McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters48McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters49i’m pretty sure he probably still has cake between his toes ;)McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters51pretty proud of himself!McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters52after his cupcake we dunked him in the tub for some super cute bubble bath photos, but these ones of him and his mama were too cute not to share! McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters67McLean_VA_Family_Photographer_Waters68happy 1st birthday griffin! you can go back and see their maternity session, his newborn session, four month session, and eight month session as well! happy tuesday :)

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