Christian and Keena- Bluemont Vineyard Engagement Photographer

“this life will go by in the blink of an eye
but I wouldn’t wanna spend it without you by my side
the clouds are gonna roll, the earths gonna shake
but I’ll be your shelter through the wind and the rain.”
– dan and shay
Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard01these two are getting married next month (ah so soon!) and their engagement session made me 100x more excited for their wedding than i already was! keena and christian had me hooked from their very first email and I am so honored that they asked me to be their photographer! they were so sweet together and SO so fun to photograph :)Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard03Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard05Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard06Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard10Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard11we did the session at the lovely Bluemont Vineyard, the same place where they are getting married in may! Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard14Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard15Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard22Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard23Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard28such a gorgeous space for the reception!Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard30Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard31bwBluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard33AH! one of my absolute faaaavorites from their session! Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard37Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard42Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard51Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard54Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard57Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard58as soon as i drove up i saw this one row of trees that was in bloom and knew we had to use it! i couldn’t love this last series of photos any more, and i can’t wait to see whats in bloom on their wedding day here!Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard63Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard64Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard67Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard68Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard71love love LOVE!Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard74Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard76Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard80Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard83Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard84Bluemont_Vineyard_Engagement_Photos_Berard86can’t wait to celebrate with you both in just a few shot weeks! happy friday! :)

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