Landon: One Year – Arlington VA Family Photographer

“if ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
― a.a. milneArlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner01crazy how much can change in just six short months, huh? :) these days landon is a man on the GO and won’t slow down for anything! except maybe a snack here and there ;) Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner02Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner04Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner05Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner09Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner11Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner12Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner14Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner17my favorite thing about this is her little tongue sticking out! ahh the look of concentration ;) Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner19his most favorite activity in the world… the stairs!Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner25Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner27Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner29Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner30Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner32Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner33Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner35Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner37i love love love these next three, but this one in particular makes me smile every time :)Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner41love the giggles all around :)Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner42Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner46Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner48Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner50Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner51Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner56Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner61another favorite:Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner62Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_Burner65happy 1st birthday landon! you can go back and see landon’s 7 month portraits and newborn portraits as well. todd and ruby, thanks again for having me over for the evening, and please tell miss avery that i’m holding on tight to the photo she drew for me :) happy wednesday!

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