Scooter and Ashley – Aldie VA Maternity Photographer

“some day we’ll wake up
with thousands of pictures
65 years in this little house
i won’t trade for nothing, the life that we built
i’ll kiss you goodnight and say ‘i love you still’”
– dan and shay
Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines01i always get so giddy to have this family in front of my camera! this was my 13th time photographing scooter and ashley since their engagement session in 2009 and i swear it gets better and better every time! i love love love when clients will put in the extra effort to make their session a little more personal, and scooter and ashley had mapped out all the perfect locations and outfits for their maternity session. they’ve done this enough with me that i knew whatever they came up with was going to be awesome! i was saying how it really seems like just the other day we were walking around great country farms for their first maternity session, and now they’re getting ready to welcome their third baby! a sweet little girl! and whew those vines girls are so very beautiful! Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines02Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines03Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines07Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines09Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines11Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines12Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines13Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines20Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines21Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines23Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines31love those giggles :)Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines35Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines39Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines41Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines50Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines53Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines55this kid is going to rocking out before you know it!
Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines56especially now that he has his own guitar! that was a fun little surprise for parker during their session, a guitar just for him! even emerson joined in the family band ;) Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines59Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines65Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines68Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines71Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines75Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines81kisses and high fives all around!Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines83Aldie_VA_Maternity_Photographer_Vines84thanks again for being so wonderful, i’m so very thankful for your family! can’t wait to meet that little girl in just a few short weeks! happy monday!

you can go back and view Emerson’s first year photos here: maternity session, newborn session, six month session, and first birthday session.

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