Scott and Kelsey – Historic Whitehall Estate Wedding Photographer

“for here you are, standing there
loving me…”
– the sound of musicHistoric_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann01I left this wedding and just kept thinking, “that’s what a wedding day should be like!” it had a sweet, intimate feel where you know all of the people who were there were people that kelsey and scott truly valued and honored and wanted to celebrate with. starting with the people surrounding them right from the beginning of the day. kelsey and scott were nothing but joyful. they weren’t stressed or overwhelmed by little details, because they had the perfect team of vendors who handled it all. they even said at one point, “this is exactly how i pictured this day. this is exactly what i was hoping it would be like!” which i feel like is a bold statement and testimony to the time and energy they had put in to planning, but also that their focus of the day was to simply enjoy it. it was an honor to witness it all. they all made us feel like family right from the moment katie and i walked in the door, which is something we don’t take for granted. kelsey and scott, thank you for choosing me to be a small part of your day. your joy was contagious and reminded me for the millionth time why i love what i get to do every day. hope you’re having the most wonderful honeymoon! xo!Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann02when we walked in the door, everyone was a little teary over these incredible floral arrangements! bluebells designs out of winchester completely outdid herself with the flowers! just wait til you see the ceremony arch!Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann11Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann16Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann22Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann29Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann31Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann44the guys had all the essentials covered… starbursts and nerf guns! ;) Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann64hey paul, just thought you’d like to see that your dart did, in fact, make it into the photo! ;) although i think it made me jump way more than scott, he seemed quite unphased by nerf guns being shot at him :)Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann61Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann69Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann74Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann85Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann93can i just tell you all how wonderful kelsey’s sweet momma was?! she took such good care of us all day long, made sure we had everything we needed and then some, and let me know about a dozen times how thankful she was. i was chatting with a few of the vendors during dinner, and the overwhelming consensus was that she was one of the most wonderful, easiest people we’ve all worked with in quite a while. jeanne, thank you THANK YOU for trusting me with such an important occasion and for making me a part of your family for the day. the honor was all mine, truly. Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann117Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann120Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann126Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann131scott and kelsey had one of my favorite first looks :) and to all future brides out there who want that emotional moment as you come down the aisle, let me just tell you that kelsey got to see this sweet expression on his face TWICE! once as she walked toward him for the first time, and then even more so as she came down the aisle with her father. the best of the best :)Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann137Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann138Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann143Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann147Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann151one of my favorite images from their day:Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann152Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann164Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann171Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann173Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann181Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann186Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann191Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann209Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann216Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann223Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann224Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann226Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann238Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann241Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann252Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann260Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann267Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann281Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann283Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann286ah! seriously how incredible is that arch over the gazebo?! so lovely!Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann295Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann332Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann334Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann343one of the other things that really stood out to me was how close scott is with kelsey’s family. i asked him what he had done that morning and he said that he and kelsey’s father had gone to breakfast together and then ran some errands. i’m not sure why that caught me so off guard, but it stopped me in my tracks. i feel like the typical answer to that question has something to do with golf or sleeping in or other activities… but not scott. that’s just the kind of guy he is. when kelsey’s father placed her hand in scott’s, scott looked him right in the eye and whispered “thank you” in the most sincere way. it was one of my favorite moments of their day. Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann352Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann355Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann360Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann382Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann383Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann408Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann422Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann426Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann429Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann454this was a photo that kelsey specifically requested with her momma and grandmother :)Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann478Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann509Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann516Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann521Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann523Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann527Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann530Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann538Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann540i am ALL about these small wedding parties! love love love!Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann552Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann577Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann580Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann586Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann598Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann599thankfully kelsey and scott made time to sneak out for some sunset portraits! so worth it! every time! Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann605Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann610Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann618Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann622Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann625Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann640Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann645bwanother favorite image :)Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann649Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann651Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann658Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann662Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann667i loved that kelsey and scott got up to give a toast to their family and friends and share a little bit more about their story. again, that’s just the kind of people they are that they would want to stand up and formally thank everyone ELSE on their day. Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann689Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann697Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann703Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann714Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann753Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann759Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann767Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann771Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann782Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann800Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann804Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann805Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann835Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann846okay i take it back, THESE next two are always my favorite photos from the day :) my couples are the best of the best!Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann851Historic_Whitehall_Manor_Wedding_Einsmann852
Venue- Historic Whitehall Estate
Florist- Bluebells Designs
Wedding Dress- Jeanette’s Bride ‘n Boutique: DaVinci
Hair & Makeup- Jamie D’Agostino
Wedding Coordinator- Amy Van Meter Events
DJ- DJ Jammin Jim
Videographer- Peter Von Kahle
Photographer- Jessica Smith Photography
Cake- The Cake Boutique
Catering- Celebrations
Invitations- Minted
Ceremony Quartet- Loudoun Quartet
Engagement Portraits

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