Zachary: 6 Months – Washington DC Family Photographer

piglet: “how do you spell ‘love’?”
winnie the pooh: “you don’t spell it, you feel it.”
― a.a. milne
Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman01even when we miss the first session or two of that ‘baby’s first year’ package, doesn’t mean we can’t pick up right in the middle! :) i’m so excited to see this handsome little man (and his big brother) grow over this next year! i get to photograph zachary at some of my favorite ages- 6 months, one year, and 18 months. i’m so so glad we were able to fit a session in now, this is my absolute favorite age! i mean, does it get any better than those curled up little baby toes?! Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman7story time with big brother noah:Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman14Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman18i’m completely smitten with this next series of cynthia and her boy:Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman19Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman23Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman24Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman30Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman31Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman34Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman38Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman39Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman40Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman42Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman45Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman47Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman55another favorite:Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman59Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman62such handsome boys!Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman68Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman69Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman71Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman72Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman76Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman78Washington_DC_Family_Photographer_Lieberman80thanks again for having me over! can’t wait to see you all again in just a few short months! :) happy tuesday!

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