The Covert Family- Northern VA Poppy Field Portraits

“you and me baby and the daffodils
the kids growing up in the rolling hills
and love will be enough for us”
-dave barnes
Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert01***EDIT: unfortunately this lovely field of poppy flowers has been turned into a highway instead. This was truly just a random field off of 66, not an actual farm/garden/location, and we may or may not have jumped across a few lanes of traffic to get to it. It has since been turned into part of their new construction, and no longer blooms.***

my sweet friend katie has a thing for poppies. and i have a thing for portraits of her cute family. so naturally, when she discovered a huge field full of poppies off the side of the road, we had to make a little bit of magic happen :) i’ve now photographed Cedar Belle in a field of lavender and a field of sunflowers, and now poppies!
Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert02Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert06oooh sweet bravey! how very loved you are, Braven McClain!Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert09i took a VERY similar photo of Katie in a field of poppies back in 2012. in tuscany. in her wedding dress. and as incredible as those photos are, seeing her here with her babies is even better :) Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert12Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert16Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert17Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert23Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert25Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert26whew that smile is just the best!Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert29Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert31I think CB picked her dress specifically because she knew it would twirl the best ;)
Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert35Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert38Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert39Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert47Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert48like i said, everyones a fan of that little man ;) Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert54Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert56Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert62Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert67phil might not have been there for the session in italy, but i made sure to sneak in a few photos of him and katie at the end of this session! he was busy taking video footage while I did photos of katie and the kids, wait till you see it!! Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert72Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert73Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert77Northern_VA_Poppy_Field_Portraits_Covert80and here’s the video that phil shot! we said that we should have him tag along to ALL my portrait sessions after this ;) shoot me an email if you’d like his contact information!

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  3. Aicel Duncan says:

    Katie these are so gorgeous! Love that your friend documents you and the family in different life stages!

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