Violet: One Year – Great Falls VA Family Photographer

“after all,” anne had said to marilla once, “i believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.”
― l.m. montgomery, anne of avonleaGreat_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari01this cute little lady just celebrated her very first birthday, and apparently she’s all kinds of giddy about it!! Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari04Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari05Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari07Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari10Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari13can ya tell she was not a fan of the wet morning grass? ;) Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari16Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari18Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari20Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari23Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari25those eyes melt me every time! and that little bunny ear in her hand is just way too sweet :)Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari30Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari31Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari38Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari40Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari42i loved seeing camden and violet really start playing together during this session. camden was hiding under the bed, and she was determined to join him!Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari45Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari46this one makes me laugh every time! one of my favorites from their session :)Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari47Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari49Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari51Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari53Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari55… using your hands is overrated ;) Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari56Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari60Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari64then it was time for her favorite part of the day… bath time!Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari67Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari78this would be violet signing “MORE! MORE!” :)Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari79Great_Falls_VA_Family_Photographer_Daftari81happy 1st birthday violet! you can go back and see her newborn portraits, four month portraits, and eight month portraits as well!

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