Todd and Emily – Leesburg VA Maternity Photographer

“well hello, little baby
your eyes have never seen the sun
you should know, little baby
that i am the lucky one.”
– jj heller
leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless01we roamed around their most favorite spots in downtown leesburg, jillian dished out smiles and kisses, and we marked this season of their lives before it changes in just a few short weeks with the arrival of a new baby sister! :)leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless04leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless06leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless11leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless14leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless15this is the face you get when they say, “jillian, can you smile for the camera?” ;) love that scrunchy nose!leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless19leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless23leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless24leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless25apparently jillian has a baby in her belly too! :)leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless32leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless34leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless37leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless41leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless44this is the coffee shop where emily and jillian like to walk to for their coffee dates :) they sit in these chairs and rock and sip their coffee, and soon there will be another little girl to join them! leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless46leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless49leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless53leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless55leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless58leesburg_va_maternity_photographer_lawless64can’t wait to see you guys again soon! happy friday! :)

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