Meet Abigail – Arlington VA Newborn Photographer

“me and you baby, walk in the footsteps
we’ll build our own family one day at a time
ten little toes, a painted pink room
our beautiful baby looks just like you”
– dan and shay
arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala01this sweet little girl is abigail, and thankfully you’ll get to see a lot more of her over this next year as she’s my newest (and tiniest!) baby’s first year client! :) arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala06arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala07arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala10abby much preferred to be snuggled during our session, and when it results like images like THIS i don’t mind it one little bit! my favorite! :)arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala15bwarlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala16she was so content just to hang out with mom and dad, and even dished out a few little ‘smiles’ :)arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala19arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala20arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala23arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala24arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala27arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala29arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala30arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala33arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala35bwthat shot on the left cracks me up! she had just sneezed a few times in a row, and in between sneezes it almost looked like she was smiling right at me! arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala37this special blanket was handmade just for her:arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala44arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala47arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala49thanks again for sharing her with me for the afternoon! can’t wait to see you all again in just a few short months! :) happy wednesday!

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