Meet Killian – Loudoun VA Newborn Photographer

“sometimes when you pick up your child you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of your skin in the nape of his neck. this is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood – finding a piece of yourself separate and apart that all the same you could not live without.”
― jodi picoult
round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai01bmeet sebastian’s new baby brother, killian! sebastian and i have been best buds since the moment i met him, and killian and i hit it off right away too ;) he was an absolute dream to photograph; he snuggled right up and snoozed almost the whole time! sebastian was dishing out plenty of smiles and kisses for his little brother, and even a big hug for me at the end! :) success!! round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai02round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai04round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai06round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai08round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai10round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai12round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai13round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai14round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai17round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai21love his puckered up little lips! round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai24round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai25round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai28round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai32round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai33my favorite from their session!! i love the excitement on sebastian’s face! round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai35round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai37round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai40round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai41round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai42round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai46round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai47bwthis one comes in at a very close 2nd favorite ;) we asked him to lay next to killian, aaaaand this is what happened next! touché, sebastian. touché!round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai49round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai51round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai54round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai63round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai64round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai65round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai69and we got one tiny little smirk at the very end! :)round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai70you can go back and see their maternity portrait session HERE! thanks again for having me over! can’t wait to see you guys again in a few months! :) happy thursday!

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