2016 Holiday Mini Sessions: Part 1- Northern VA Christmas Mini Session

“our cheeks are nice and rosy
and comfy cozy are we
we’re snuggled up together
like two birds of a feather would be!”
– sleigh ride1christmas_mini_session_2016_covert28can you believe holiday mini sessions have already come and gone?! just when you thought they couldn’t get any bigger, we had a record number of families join us this year! 35! holy cow! 35 families over two days, whew! and what warmed my heart so much is that 27 of those families were repeat clients. that’s truly the best compliment i could receive is families that come back year after year :)

this event truly does not happen with out my amazing friends/support team. i was talking with one of the families that came to mini sessions and what they repeated a dozen times was “i loved your friends, they were so great! it was like your own nascar pit crew, i couldn’t get over how wonderful they were!’ which is what i hope everyone left there saying! yes the photos are so fun, but the experience is such a huge part of it, and i couldn’t do this without the incredible people that come along side of me to make this happen! katie, sarah, and brian– i couldn’t/wouldn’t have done this without you! thank you thank you THANK YOU for loving me and my clients so well. YOU are what made this weekend so successful! thank you for creating the set and putting it together, greeting clients, moving props, loading cars, hanging stockings, dumping snow on my head, bribing with marshmallows, and for getting all of these sweet smiles out of the cute faces in these photos!

thank you to the von kahle family for once again graciously opening your home to us and allowing me to take over your sunroom and garage for a few weeks! i so admire your ministry mindset when it comes to using your home, and i pray that my home will have the same “open door” welcoming atmosphere.

thank you to my sweet mama for making all of the snacks- aka the reason people come back each year! without fail EVERY year people mention how they’ve been so excited for the snacks that we offer at mini sessions, mostly my family’s tried and true snickerdoodle recipe ;) never underestimate the power of a homemade cookie!

thank you to all the families for joining us this year! it was so fun to see you all! thanks for sharing your cute babies with me, and i can’t wait to see all of your holiday cards this year! christmas_mini_session_2016_covert12christmas_mini_session_2016_covert25christmas_mini_session_2016_covert38northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session01northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session03northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session10northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session11northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session21northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session28northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session30northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session31northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session37northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session40northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session48northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session52northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session54northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session56northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session59northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session61northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session71northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session76northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session77northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session79northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session85northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session89northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session93northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session96northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session101snow!! i swear the $1.99 bag of fake snow is the BEST investment i make for these sessions ;) northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session104northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session108northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session115these two helped me three weekends in a row with mini session prep, and then showed up at 7am both days for mini sessions to help ALL weekend! so of course i had to force them in front of my camera for a few minutes during our lunch break one day :) northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session120northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session121northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session144northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session150northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session160northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session163northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session165northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session168northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session175northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session178northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session180northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session187isn’t that sign adorable?! leah letters made it just for us! check her out! :)northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session194northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session196christmas pajamas are my faaaaavorite!northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session202northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session204northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session209northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session214northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session219northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session221northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session229northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session234northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session238northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session241northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session248northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session255northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session258northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session262northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session263northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session269northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session275northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session279northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session283northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session286northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session293northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session297northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session300northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session304northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session314northern_va_2016_holiday_mini_session320happy monday! :) stay tuned for all of the sunday sessions in part TWO coming on wednesday!! :)

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