Kate: 2 Years – Northern VA Family Photographer

“had to crawl before you walked
before you ran
before I knew it
you were trying to free your fingers from my hand
‘cause you could do it on your own now somehow
slow down…”
– nichole nordeman
Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman01this little girl is my sweet “niece” kate, and i’m in complete disbelief that she’s as grown as she is! the last time you saw her on the blog she was about 10 months old, and now look how grown she is! AND, she’s about to become a big sister in April! Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman01bNorthern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman02Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman04Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman10Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman13Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman14love that sweet giggle :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman18Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman21Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman22Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman28Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman29Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman33Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman35little girl is wanting to do everything on her own these days, hence her refusal to hold either of their hands in the photo on the left… who told her that she was completely grown?! ;) Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman37one of my favorites!Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman39the journey to “motherhood” wasn’t an easy one for this beautiful friend of mine, but WHEW it looks so good on her now! can’t you see it in beth’s smiles here how much joy she gets from being kate’s mama? Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman45Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman48Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman49Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman53Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman54you slay me, little girl… Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman58kate has a “baby brother” in her belly too! ;) if by ‘baby brother’ you mean soccer ball! Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman60Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman67Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Vriesman69happy wednesday! :)

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  2. Grandma Velting says:

    Excellent pictures! Great subjects! Great photography!!

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