Killian: 6 Months – Northern VA Family Photographer

“looking back, the sweetest things are often the hardest. they teach you a level of sacrifice you didn’t know you were capable of, and for me, having a child was the beginning of a glimpse into the kind of love Christ has for us. sacrificial love. love that doesn’t keep score. love that isn’t dependent on whats in it for me. love that is consuming and protective and unconditional.”
– melanie shankle, sparkly green earringsLoudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai01look how much this handsome little man has grown in the past 6 months! i always look forward to my time with sebastian and killian, and i can’t get over how much they’ve both changed in such a short period of time! they just get sweeter and sweeter :)Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai02Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai03Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai05killian took the ‘by all means necessary’ approach to keep his toes in his mouth ;) Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai09Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai10Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai12Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai18Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai19Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai21Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai24Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai25Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai27sebastian even found his camera to take a few pictures of killian :) somehow, killian ended up looking a bit more like spiderman in sebastians camera than the cute chunky baby he is ;) Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai28Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai35Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai36Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai37Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai40Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai42Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai43Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai45Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai47Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai50Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai52Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai53Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai61Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai64Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai66Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai69Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai72killian was sitting on holly’s lap just DYING to get in the mix with the boys! you can tell he will be keeping up with them tossing the football in no time :)Loudoun_VA_Family_Photographer_Gyovai74happy tuesday!

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