Benjamin: 8 Months – Frying Pan Farm Family Portraits

“take courage when the road is long
don’t ever forget you’re never alone
i want you to live forever
underneath the sky so blue.”
– drew holcomb
Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch01have i told you lately how 8 months is my favorite age to photograph?! ;) good gracious i could not get enough of benjamin and his sweet smile!Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch02Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch05Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch06Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch09Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch14Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch26Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch29Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch32Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch34love this one of kristen and her boy :)Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch35Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch36Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch37i’m pretty sure this next one needs a frame ASAP! :) Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch40Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch42Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch44Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch50Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch51Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch53he was so enthralled watching all of the horses at frying pan! perfect way to end the session :) Northern_VA_Baby_Photographer_Ritch67happy wednesday!

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  1. Melanie says:

    That face! Wow! He lights up the world! Beautiful photos!

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