Matt and Hilary – JMU Engagement Portrait Session

“you were made to shine under southern stars
in my arms tonight
i can feel the beating of your heart
i’m gonna make you mine”
– high valley
JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin01i met matt and hilary at her sister rachel and andrew’s wedding a few years ago and secretly hoped that one day i’d hear from the two of them again, and sure enough now they are getting married this october and i have the honor of celebrating with their families again! i drove down to harrisonburg to go explore matt and hilary’s favorite place for their engagement session, and the storm clouds looked CRAZY. the radar map showed rain the entire time, and i was sure we were going to get soaked. well, as you can see, in harrisonburg apparently a 100% chance of rain actually equals a gorgeous sunny evening, complete with the perfect sunset! success!! :) JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin03JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin04JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin08JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin10JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin12JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin15JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin19JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin20JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin23JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin25one of my favorites! good gosh you two are adorable!JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin27JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin30my other favorite! love love love!JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin32JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin35JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin36JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin39JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin40JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin43JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin44JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin45JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin47JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin51hilary knew the perfect spot to catch the last little bit of the sunset, and thankfully the clouds parted just in time for us! JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin55JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin58JMU_Engagement_Wedding_Photographer_Cronin61happy monday! :)

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