Gene and Laura- Washington DC Engagement Portraits

“to me
she is
those final steps
the turn around the last bend
and a little house
with a light on
and a fire lit
with a faint laugh
floating on the warm wind—
she is
my always,
coming home.”
– atticus
01Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks25oh friends, you are going to love these two just as much as i do! the way they laugh together, their playful nature, and how considerate they are of one another… as soon as i met gene and laura i felt like they were old friends that i’d known for years and years. they’re just wonderful like that :) i can’t wait for their wedding this October! enjoy lots of favorites from our session around their neighborhood in dc!
Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks03we even lucked out with a few cherry blossoms! Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks05Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks08Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks12Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks12bWashington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks13a favorite for sure! :)Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks14Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks23Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks28Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks43Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks46Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks49Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks52Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks54Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks61Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks64i love that we got to do some photos on their street, and even a couple right on their front porch! a location that really means something to my clients is always my first choice, so i’m so glad we were able to work these in!Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks65Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks67Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks74Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks76Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks77Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks78Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks81Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks85Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks87Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks90Washington_DC_Engagement_Photos_Banks98happy thursday!

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