Meet Scarlett – Leesburg VA Family Photographer

“and the stars blinked
as they watched her carefully
jealous of the way she shone.”
– atticus
Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris01I’m convinced you’ve never met a little girl more adored by her family than Scarlett. she’s got 3 fantastic big brothers, and I’m pretty sure they all think that their baby sister is the most wonderful person in the world. smitten doesn’t even come close to it. it melted my heart seeing how much they completely adored their baby sister, wanting to make her smile, wanting to be close, and genuinely “aww!!”-ing over every single thing she did. she’s a lucky little lady! Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris02Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris04Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris09the main thing they wanted to capture during their session was this: sitting on the floor playing with Scarlett. this is how they spend much of their time, and what seems to make all 4 of these kids light up the most. I loved the cozy, in home, natural feel to their session. I hope Scarlett looks at these photos one day and sees how dearly loved she is by these 3 men in her life. Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris13Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris15Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris17Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris18Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris28Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris30Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris31Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris34Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris41Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris42Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris43Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris46Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris48Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris50-2Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris53one of their favorite things are “kitchen island dance parties” :) Scarlett was all giggles the whole time!Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris57-2Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris59Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris60those chubby baby cheeks are pretty kissable!Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris61Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris66Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris68Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris80one of my favorites! look at those tiny chompers and sweet smile! Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris81Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris82it was a gross rainy day, but we managed to sneak in just a couple photos outside!Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris85Leesburg_VA_Family_Photographer_Harris86happy monday!

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