Meet Benjamin- Magic Kingdom Family Portrait Session

“there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow
shining at the end of every day
there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow
and tomorrows just a dream away”
– walt disney
I’m so excited to share a handful of my “Neverland” WDW family portrait sessions from earlier this month! These sessions have quickly become my favorite to photograph, walking around the park with sweet friends capturing all of the things their family loves best about this special place… does it get better than that?!  all of the holiday decor around the park was SO gorgeous! definitely my favorite time of year at the magic kingdom! one of my favorites from their session!! Casey’s Corner has so much special meaning for Jessica and her family, and I love that we were able to work it into their session so much :)
thanks again for letting me join you for the morning! :) have a magical day!

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