Jonathan and Sarah- Stone Tower Winery Wedding Proposal Photographer

“What a perfect moment when the stars aligned
when you put your hand in mine
and every day of my life has led me to
that perfect moment with you.”
– Darden Smith

I’ve got a fun one for you today! Jonathan called me a few months ago wanting to plan the perfect way to propose to his girlfriend, Sarah. She had just graduated with her masters, and because of covid she wasn’t really able to celebrate the accomplishment in any of the typical ways. No ceremony, no parties, and she deserved to have something fun to mark the occasion. He wanted to surprise her with a graduation portrait session, to get some updated portraits and some in her cap and gown. We chose one of their favorite spots, Stone Tower Winery, and we knew it would be the perfect backdrop for the surprise! So she got all dolled up, and we met up for some special graduation portraits… with a fun surprise! :)  she and I had talked about “I mean, maybe we can include him in a few photos… like 25% or less” :) little did she know!  also a big thanks to Melissa Franklin for doing a stunning job on her makeup, and Jenny’s Salon for styling her hair for the occasion!  You see those two teeny tiny white spots in the far right middle of the frame?! That’s where they were busy setting up for the proposal while we were doing portraits! :) sneaky sneaky! a quick change of clothes, and I told them I’d meet them by the stone wall to continue the session. This is what was waiting for them: thankfully, she said yes :)  I thiiiiink he was just a little excited :)

Congratulations again!! xo!

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