Meet Zella- Forest Mills Farm Loudoun County VA Newborn Photographer

“One look at you
My whole life falls in line
I prayed for you
Before I called you mine
Oh, I can’t believe it’s true sometimes
Oh, I can’t believe it’s true
I get to love you
It’s the best thing that I’ll ever do
I get to love you.”
– Ruelle Back in January strolling around the Magic Kingdom for their Disney World Portrait Session, they shared that a few of these photos would be used for their adoption portfolio, since they were starting the adoption process in hopes of growing their family. If there’s anyone out there who you’d wanting raising your kids, it’s this family. There’s such a natural sweetness, peacefulness, tenderness, patience, and intentionality that exists in their relationships. I’ve always admired the way they love Henry and feel like I take dozens of mental notes watching them parent every time I’m around them. Now, 10 months after they mentioned they were starting the adoption process, their sweet Zella girl was entrusted to their home and hearts by a birth mama who loves her so dearly. Zella is a “wildest dream come true” right in front of your eyes. She’s the good, the joy, the hope that exists in this crazy world. It was the biggest honor getting to document their first official portraits as a family of 4!  this purple set was chosen specifically for Zella by her birth mama, and I love that she was represented and “present” in that special way during this session!  you’ve never seen a boy more smitten with his baby sister. The love he has for her is beyond precious! Every time he glanced at her, it was like he was seeing her for the first time all over again. “Aww! Look! Isn’t she the cutest baby in the world?!?” Melt. My. Heart.  I’m telling you, so much tenderness and love in this sweet family. It’s just natural, and so beautiful to document! one of my faaavorites! their hands reaching for each other. those puckered up lips. his gorgeous eyelashes. this little lady is so lucky to have him for a big brother!

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