The Gurney Family- Reston, VA

“Asa is 5 and likes to be silly, but Ashley is 2 and really shy around new people.” Well. Asa was definitely as silly as 5 year olds can get, and imagine my surprise when Ashley was tagging along right with him! There was nothing shy about these cute kiddos and we had a great time hangin out around their house and the nature center right down the road. I loved seeing these kids personalities really come out in the pictures, from Asa the StarWars Hero to Ashley the beautiful ballerina :0)

Really, its a shame they don’t have happy kids.. :PI love this shot of her swinging, laughing, and her little belly stickin out! This was my favorite series, so make sure you keep an eye out for even more in the slideshow.. but these were definitely my favorite images from the session of her giving her big brother a kiss :0) He didn’t stand a chance!Got him!! :0) This series definitely comes in a close second though.. Ashley started pouting so the whole family decided to pout too, except Asa had a different idea as to how to handle her pouting.. I love this next one as a follow up.. Asa getting in trouble for hitting his sister.. and Ashley’s face is just priceless :0) A special treat at the end! 

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  2. bonie says:

    Jessie – i could look at these photos ALL day long. You really captured the moments…it’s wonderful! bonnie

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