Curren Kiddos- Reston VA

I had plans to meet up with some of my favorite little guys last Sunday morning bright and early, and unfortunately it was raining! So our session got moved back inside which allowed these guys to have fun just being their cute crazy selves. I’ve been hanging out with Remington, Montgomery, and Armstrong since the twins were just a few weeks old and its been so fun to see them grow up over the last few years. I have a great group of families that I get to photograph every year around this time and its so fun to see how much they change throughout the year!

Like I said, these guys were able to be their crazy selves, complete with tacking, pounding on the head, and fingers up noses.. hey what else do you expect with three boys?? :0) but aren’t they oh so cute??crazy boys.. the many faces of Remington James.. Here’s your slideshow!

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