Happy Birthday to my sweet friend!

I just need to take a quick minute and tell a very special friend of mine happy birthday! I was sooo incredibly blessed this year to have my sweet friend Katelyn James start her now very successful photography business by second shooting for me at several weddings. We have been friends for the last four years and I’ve gotten to see her completely excel at almost everything artistic and creative. The woman can sing (hoooooly smokes can she SING!), she can paint, she can design, she can decorate, and just has a great eye for putting things together in a unique and classy way, and she has always been talented with a camera in her hand. I remember having a conversation with her a year ago when I asked her what out of all these things she wanted to really really pursue and I’m so excited and proud of her seeing the work, passion, and heart that she has put into her business and what she has created just within the last few months! You would look at her website and swear she had been taking pictures professionally for years and years! I am so sad to have to find another second shooter for 2009, as she and I work so well together and, well honestly just have a TON of fun running around at weddings together :0) I could go on for pages about what she has taught me and what I admire about her, so instead please take a minute to check out her awesome website and wish her a happy 21st birthday at www.theinspireddesign.com/blog.

Katelyn, I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your family! Thanks for who you are and sister you have become to me! Love you KK! (oh yeah, and I CAN’T WAIT FOR LAS VEGAS IN FEBRUARY!!!! thanks for letting me talk you into going with me!! sorry again, Michael! :P )


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