John and Megan- Newport News, VA

Everyone always asks me how I got to be a wedding photographer, and really the answer is very simple. When I got to college and all my older friends started getting married, I would bring my camera to their weddings to take pictures (of course!) Now over 4 years has completely flown by and its so crazy that now its my friends my age that are the ones getting married!! When the heck did that happen?!? Regardless, I’m SO very happy for one of my good friends from college, Megan, who is getting married this May! She and John (much more commonly known as Fuzz- check out his awesome pottery here!) balance each other perfectly and I was so excited to be able to spend some time with them this weekend taking some engagement pictures. When Megan first asked me to take some she explained “we really only need like A picture to send out in an announcement.. you really don’t have to take more than that!!” I believe I replied something along the lines of “Megan, when have you EVER known me to take just ONE picture?!?” :0) So, needless to say we took a few more.. here are my favorites! johnmegan1johnmegan2johnmegan3johnmegan4johnmegan5okay c’mon how cute is this next one?! johnmegan6johnmegan7This next one was definitely my favorite from the day.. they just look so happy! :0) johnmegan8johnmegan9
johnmegan10johnmegan11johnmegan12Ah then again maybe this last one is my favorite.. johnmegan13
Here’s your slideshow! :0)

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  2. Chrissy Jaeger says:

    JESSIE these are incredible! It totally fits them, I love it! Great job, they are a beautiful couple!

  3. Terresa Shaw says:

    wow Jessie they look amazing! You really captured their hearts in those photos!

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