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Definitely one of the biggest questions I had when I was first starting my business had to do with editing the pictures. A lot of people can set up a cool shot, but what makes it go from just a ‘cool shot’ to an amazing picture? There are several different programs out there, but the one that I just can’t do without are Totally Rad Actions. These are a set of awesome actions that I use on literally every single image I show a client. Photographers; you have to have CS2 or later I believe, and you purchase a set and download them immediately to your computer. I’m not kidding when I say these actions have totally changed the way that I take and process my images. A lot of times when I’m shooting I can already picture which actions I’m going to use to really make the picture that much better. This is definitely something that sets a photographer apart, and definitely worth investing in! I give personal attention to each and every image you will receive, even if it is just boosting the color or sharpening the image, and it makes such a huge difference! Here are some before and after shots!


Man oh man Old School and Super Old School definitely dont work for every single image, but when they work, they really work! edit11With this next one I needed to lighten up their faces so you get more detail there, and I also sharpened it using Sharp-o-matic, my favorite sharpening tool. edit41This one I wanted to soften the color and tone of the picture since it was such a sweet, soft moment.. so I used Lux (soft), Grandma’s Tap Shoes (30%), EZ-Burn (60%), select-o-sharp, and punch out (50%)edit51This I really did the works on, but the main one that I used for this one is Derelicte (60%) edit61Here are a couple from this summer that I took of my friends Alison and Manny to show that even just boosting the color and sharpening the image (which is really about all I did to these) makes a big difference! edit2This one I did use Pool Party (40%) but besides that just sharpened it and used Oh-Snap! My favorite way to boost the color :0) edit3

Feel free to email me with other questions for future FAQ posts!! Don’t forget to check out these awesome actions!! www.totallyradactions.com

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  1. What fun photos, Jessica! I saw you on B School and wanted to say hi!

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