the best way to waste time

my senior year of college was spent divided among the following things; ministry, class, more ministry, photography, even more ministry, and sitting in the living room watching Friends with my roommates. Yes, internet, that gets its own specific category. I own all 10 seasons of friends, and at any given moment you could find one of the four of us sitting in the living room watching Friends, even if it was just one quick episode between class. Okay okay, so i’m pretty sure its physically impossible to only watch one episode.. but you get my drift :0) Tonight my old roommate Rachel and I are going to do nothing but sit on the couch and laugh together.. laugh a lot together.. 


This post would not be complete with out sharing Gladys with you… this is definitely my new favorite youtube video :0) 

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  1. melanie ellis says:

    Hi Jess,
    I haven’t been on your sight in awhile and of course I am thinking of you this week BIRTHDAY GIRL, so… here I am.
    Your photos are so beautiful. You are very talented and I pray for your every success.
    How cool that you went to Vegas. I bet it was overwhelming but a terrific experience. Keep on!
    Love to you…mel

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