happy valentines day!

First things first..  happy valentines day! I hope today you realize how dearly loved you truly are, and are able to spend today with the people who you consider a joy to love! I got to spend the morning with lots of friends at the YoungLives Valentines Day Brunch, where we were able to talk to friends and people in this community about what YoungLives is and our mission.. keep an eye out for a post on YoungLives later this month! 

Even MORE exciting Valentines Day News!! One of my new favorite images from Matt and Stephanie’s engagement session was featured on Weddings Unveiled Blog as one of the TOP 20 (holla!!) images for their ‘valentines day kisses‘ special blog post!! I was so excited to see it up there, especially in the top 20, ESPECIALLY when there are so many other talented photographers featured on the blog!! It’s truly an honor and I look forward to hopefully working with the people at Weddings Unveiled more often this year! wu_header_fnl2

Now, on to packing! After the somewhat chaotic 30 minutes I had this morning where I received an email that my flight to Vegas had been canceled and sat on the phone with the airline to get it all straightened out.. I should probably actually get my act together and start my laundry so I can pack and catch that plane at 6 AM! yikes… CAN’T WAIT!! 

One last thing I want to mention.. NewSpring Church is doing an awesome series right now called “I Want A New Marriage” and I would highly suggest anyone, whether you are single, engaged, planning your wedding, or planning your 25th wedding anniversary, should check it out! The sermons never fail to challenge me and really open my eyes a lot to what scripture says! The senior pastor Perry Noble is so passionate about teaching scripture that motivates us to change our relationships and the way we love people! You can watch or listen to the first sermon in the series on their website, and you can listen live tomorrow at 11:15 or 6:00 EST to catch the 2nd one! I download all of these podcasts onto my ipod (they are free- check ’em out!).. now ya’ll know what I will be listening to on the ridiculously long plane rides to Vegas and back :0) 

Happy Valentines Day and make sure you check out Weddings Unveiled and NewSpring Church!!

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