WPPI Conference- Las Vegas

WHAT a whirlwind!!! Katelyn and I had SUCH a blast at WPPI this last week out in Vegas meeting tons of other photographers and learning from the best of the BEST! I have so much to say about this awesome trip, but I’m about to run out the door to head to Rockbridge for the weekend for a great YoungLife leadership training weekend, so the computer will be staying home :0) I’ll update this post and fill in tons of fun info when I get back, but for now here are some fun pictures from our trip! 


**Okay so I’m back from Rockbridge (and completely exhausted and EXCITED about what God is doing in this awesome ministry!!) thanks so much for all the happy birthday messages! It was a great day celebrating with the people I love and being encouraged in my walk with God. I’m still trying to process everything from my time in Vegas and I’m so excited to share some new awesome products that I’m offering over the next few months! We were able to hear seminars on everything from posing to lighting, from pricing to albums, from attitude to lifestyle.. and everything in between! If you’re a photographer, especially just getting started in this crazy/beautiful industry, I would highly recommend this ‘business expense’- better to learn all of this now than a few years down the road! I’m already looking forward to next year!! :0) 

My camera had a few, well, unfortunate technical difficulties during the plane trip, so all of these images are out of Katelyn’s camera! It was so strange being in front the camera for the first time.. well, ever! But it was fun swapping some pictures with katelyn :0) 
vegasWalking around the first night- all the hotels were so cool! 
vegas2psdWe had to go check out the fountain show at the Bellagio!
vegashotels1My sweet friend and I at Circo for dinner! 
vegasmeandkkOf course we had to go to the famous welcome to Las Vegas sign :0) 
vegaskk1Do a little bit of shootsac modeling, you know :0) 
vegasstripLook who we found the first night!! We were dying to meet her at some point during the week, and how fun that meeting the wonderful Jasmine Star was the first thing that happened :0) 
vegasjstarBecker was generous enough to have a little meet and greet 30 second headshot session for all of his bschoolers! How cool! 
vegasheadshotThere’s the man himself :0) 
vegasbeckerWe booked our flight home specifically so that we could hear Jessica Claire’s seminar Wednesday afternoon and I’m so thankful we were able to get a seat! It was packed! She was just named one of the top 10 photographers in the world, so she talked about her top 10 mistakes, the 10 things she learned from those, and gave away her 10 favorite things! See photographers, these are the kind of things you need to hear before you launch your business! :0) 

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  1. Mom says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m glad Vegas was such a huge success! Love you!

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