the happiest place in virginia

A few years ago a roommate of mine introduced me to the happiest place in virginia. Sno To Go is a little piece of heaven on earth. The dessert of choice there is stuffed sno-balls, which is basically any sort of flavor ice you could imagine, with custard style goodness in the middle :0) Add the famous Pierces BBQ for dinner, a few fun friends, and you’ve got a pretty perfect day! When the weather is nice, one of my favorite things to do in the spring is head up to Williamsburg, grab sno to go and just walk around. Now that sno to go is open, all we need is the weather to warm up!! Today was the first day sno to go was open this season; definitely a blog worthy event ;0) 

Steph was adventurous and tried a new flavor, and I stuck with my favorite, stuffed coconut! mmmmmm :0) 

sno1Ryan was pretty excited too.. who needs a spoon?! sno2Check out those crazy colors! sno3sno4sno5sno6If you’re ever in Williamsburg make sure you go check it out!! You’ll probably find the three of us there :0)

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  1. Oh by the way, I think I’m going Saturday when I go to W&M…I’ll think of you, no worries!

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