so there are these two kids…

... and I’m pretty much crazy about them… 

lauren and sam are at the point now where they actually get excited about taking pictures with me because they love looking at them afterwards. Last Friday it was gorgeous outside, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and Lauren had a new spring dress… that twirled. She is such a girl after my own heart; when I was younger I wouldn’t wear a dress unless it twirled. As Lauren threw her arms up in the air and spun around as fast as she could to see how far out her dress would twirl, I was just so thankful. Thankful for these kids and the simple fact that I get to be in their lives. Thankful for the beautiful weather. Thankful for the gorgeous cherry blossoms. Thankful that even as much as I delight in this little princess twirling in front of me, that her heavenly Father delights in her a thousand times more than I ever could.

“The tenderness of God is twirling around our living room tonight, just lighting up her Daddies eyes. I know He just wants to freeze you in time” lsaprillsapril2oh my goodness I just love everything about this picture…lsapril3lsapril4They’re best buddies :0) lsapril5lsapril6A hug from big sister makes everything better… lsapril7Love these last ones of my beautiful girl! lsapril8lsapril9

Make sure you check back tomorrow for the CUTEST family session!! I’m so excited to share it with ya’ll, but I have way more favorites than usual, so its taken me a bit longer to go through them all :0)  enjoy this beautiful weather!  

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