Ashley and Scooter- Georgetown, DC

One of the first things I always ask a couple when I sit down with them for their initial consultation is to hear their story. There’s something about hearing their own personal love story that connects me to them almost instantly and I truly believe it allows me to document their relationship better. When I sat down with Ashley and Scooter earlier this year, I watched Ashley sit back with a curious smile on her face as she let Scooter give me his version of their story. Every now and then she would laugh and give a silent nod verifying the events in his story, and I love what a clear picture I got of the two of them as a couple just from that very first meeting. How they interacted with one another with an incredible respect and attention, how they have supported one another in ministry, and how they can just sit and laugh with each other at how their story has been written so far……. 

Scooter had been leading young life for two years, and some of the guys he was closest with told him that he HAD to meet their sister, Ashley, who was his age. He didn’t think too much of it, as his younglife guys were his main focus, “Eh, maybe some day I’ll meet her”. When he would drop the guys off or pick them up he would get glimpses of her, maybe the back of her head, or her driving the opposite way on the road, but for two years he never managed to meet their older sister.

It was her brother’s 18th birthday party and he begged Scooter to come by for a while. Scooter (being the good YL leader that he was ;0) ) dropped what he was doing to come to the party. It was there that he finally met Ashley after two years. He explained to me how he was taken immediately with how beautiful she was, and knew he had to get to know her. So they started hanging out, but Ashley wasn’t really interested. At all. 

They soon developed a great friendship. The kind where you could talk for hours and hours and never run out of things to say.  Even though most of the time she was the one calling him, Ashley still wasn’t interested. At all.

The more time they spent together and the deeper their friendship grew, Scooter felt like she was sending him all the right signals that she was in fact interested in him, so he finally told her how he felt, but apparently signals were being crossed because Ashley told him she wasn’t interested in him like that.  Well wouldn’t you know soon enough the tables had turned and Ashley started to see Scooter as maybe more than just the sweet, godly, fun friend she had gotten to know… aaaand now she was interested. A LOT! :0) 

Ashley and Scooter, thank you for allowing me to document your relationship and this exciting time in your lives! Thank you for your friendship and encouragement, couples like you are exactly why I do what I do and why I love my job so much. I had so much fun hanging out with the two of you last Friday exploring some new parts of Georgetown, enjoy SO many of my favorites :0) ashleyscooter1 HELLOOOOOOO GORGEOUS! Isn’t she just stunning!?!?ashleyscooter2ashleyscooter3We had the most perfect warm spring evening to shoot.. thank goodness! i’d been wondering when spring was going to make an appearance! ashleyscooter4ashleyscooter5ashleyscooter6ashleyscooter8ashleyscooter9ashleyscooter7oh. my. goodness. words cannot explain how much i love these next ones. they were definitely the favorite of the day from the moment I took it and had to spin the camera around to show Ashley and Scooter a little preview. i know they’re pretty similar, but I couldnt choose a favorite so I’m blogging 3 of them… love it love it love it!!! ashleyscooter10ashleyscooter11ashleyscooter12ashleyscooter13ashleyscooter14ashleyscooter15ashleyscooter16ashleyscooter17I’m not quire sure what it is but I really love this next one. That moment right before a kiss, the crazy awesome back lighting, the bright spring grass… guess i just love it all :0) ashleyscooter18ashleyscooter19ashleyscooter20ashleyscooter21love this sweet moment.. ashleyscooter22ashleyscooter23ashleyscooter24ashleyscooter25

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  4. Alyssa J says:

    These pictures are beautiful, and fun! I went to church with Ashley and Scooter back in high school, I have not spoken with them in a while. They look so happy and it was so fun to look through the pictures.

  5. Rachel G says:

    Jess, seriously these pics are to die for gorgeous! The couple could not have picked a prettier setting with the daffodils in the sunlight, ugh so beautiful! You are so talented and I wuv youuuuuu =)

  6. Ashley says:

    Thank you SO much, Jessie. I can’t believe how beautiful the pictures are and how much you captured our personalities! I’m seriously blown away. Thanks for taking the time out to spend with us..we really enjoyed getting to know you better and felt so affirmed in our choice to have you as our photgrapher. You really have a heart for the Lord and it definitely shows! Hope to see you soon and thanks again!! You’re awesome!

  7. Nicole says:

    Jess, you’re brilliant. You make me want to get engaged just so that you can take pictures… can’t wait til it’s my turn :)

    Love you!

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