Defying Gravity

One of my favorite things to do is take a weekend trip up to NYC and see as many broadway shows as possible. I don’t think I could name you all the shows I’ve seen throughout the years, but out of all of them Wicked definitely stands out as my favorite. Its creative, smart, hilarious, and the music will give you chills for almost 3 hours straight. It tells the story of what happened in Oz before Dorothy dropped in; how Elphaba and Galinda change from school roommates into the Wicked Witch and Glinda the Good. You learn where the ruby slippers came from, how the tin man/scarecrow/lion came to be, and why the poor girl was green. Elphaba and Glinda (the GA is silent ;0) ) are two of the best broadway rolls ever written and if I could swap jobs just for one day I would love to know what its like to play one of those parts.. but only just for one day ;0) 

This past Saturday Wicked was in Norfolk so instead of partying it up at another wedding, I went to the show with my mom and brother! I swear at least one point in every song I caught myself wide eyed, jaw-dropped, just in amazement at what was happening on stage. The costumes, the music, the vocals (hooooooly cow the VOCALS!!) everything was amazing. If you ever have an opportunity to go see a broadway show, I would recommend this one without thinking twice! And take me with you while you’re at it ;0) 
wicked1This is part of the set, a map of Oz with the Emerald City right in the middle :0) Its what you see before the show starts.. the dragon is pretty crazy!! wicked2As much as I love all the songs from the show, Defying Gravity has got to be one of the best musical numbers in the history of all shows. Seriously. Check out this clip I found from it on youtube! The cast I saw was great (anyone who plays either of those two women HAS to be phenomenal!) but noone does it quite like Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth who first stared as Elphaba and Glinda.. check ’em out! :0)

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