Christine and Sam- Norfolk Botanical Gardens, VA

I am so excited that so many people are booking the Babies First Year package! Its so fun being able to document all the changes that a family goes through during their babies first year. I was so impressed with Christine as we walked around the Botanical Gardens yesterday for her maternity session. Christine is due literally any minute now, she’s been instructing baby Jacob to stay put until after our session, and lucky for Christine and Sam they have a very good listener! The gardens were beautiful, and Christine looked so gorgeous! Stay tuned in a few weeks to meet Jacob! :0)

cp2cp3cp4cp5LOVE this one :0) cp8cp9Oh. My. GOODNESS I love these next two.. how crazy is this sonogram?!?! Its so amazing to me the things we’re capable of these days… This is Jacob’s first of many pictures on the blog ;0) cp10cp11cp12cp13cp16cp17The session ended just as every maternity session should end… ice cream for all! Sam and Christine introduced me to their favorite gelato place in VA Beach, they come here on dates all the time, and now I see why! Aaaaaamazing :0) We’ve already decided that we want to go back to the gardens for Jacob’s 1 year session and come here and get him a big ice cream cone after! So make sure you check back in a year for that session ;0) Such a happy mama! cp18cp19Thanks again for a fun evening :0) Can’t WAIT to meet Jacob!!

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  2. Leah says:

    Christine, the photos are beautiful. Your are a glowing mother-to-be. Good luck!

  3. Cori Blank says:

    Christine, I am so jealous…I have gone through three pregnancies and have never had one decent photo of any of them! You and Sam look so happy and beautiful…what amazing pictures! Good luck and God Bless…see Sam made it home :) Can’t wait to see pictures of baby Jacob next!

  4. andy and rachel says:

    OMG…Such awesome pictures. You two are glowing! Cannot wait to see the first family portraits of you guys and the love of your lives!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: my favorite picture is the one with the ice cream, of course!!!

  5. Christine Pries says:

    OMG .. OMG … We LOVE them !!!!! They came out fantastic. You are so talented. We can not wait to take Jacob’s newborn pictures. I love them, love them .. love them. No joke, I am so ready to pop, but so excited and glad that we were able to take these photos. Thank you so much. You are AWESOME!!!! xox

    God Bless xox

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