The Kennedy Family- Alexandria, VA

As much as I love weddings, I have L.O.V.E.D all the family portraits I’ve been able to do lately!! There’s something so fun about capturing a specific season in a family; catching all the little habits and funny things their kids do at that age. This was definitely the case with the Kennedy family last Friday morning. The funny poses that Cameron would do, and the way Sasha would suck her thumb and twirl her hair… I can just hear Cameron in 13 years going “mooooooooom why did you make me doooooo that??!!??”  :0) k3k1k2k4k5k6hmmm a quiet moment for mom and dad :0) k7k8This is our advertisement for Trader Joes :0) k9love this sweet moment :0) k10These were definitely the favorite ones from our session:k11kisses all around… absolutely love it!!k12Although I do really love this next 3 series… k13k14k15k16k17okay so this doesn’t show off the sweetest moment.. but it definitely makes me laugh! Sasha is one tough girl who definitely knows how to hold her own :0) k18k19

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  1. melanie ellis says:

    Gorgeous! You did it again!

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