Erica and Erik- Great Falls, VA

I was so nervous all week long every time I checked the weather it said sunshine all day Friday and Sunday, but thunderstorms allllll day Saturday. I could just picture us all standing outside at Great Falls Park with huge umbrellas as Erik and Erica tied the knot. Thankfully (as usual) the weatherman was mistaken and it was nothing but VERY bright blue skies all day long!! Although it would have been quite a site seeing me try to juggle an umbrella and my camera ;0)  Erik and Erica, thank you for letting me celebrate with you and be excited for you. I hope you have so much fun on your surprise honeymoon! :0)

They had quite a full day! Starting off at the Washington DC Temple, then a ring ceremony at Great Falls Park, a luncheon that afternoon, and a reception that night! It was QUITE the party! We started out with some portraits of the bride and groom outside of the temple: e1e2Not a bad location for the ceremony, huh?? :0) e4Love this one of Erica and her dad :0) e5e6e7e8haha these next two pictures have to be shown next to each other.. so perfectly describe this couple: e9e10e12e13Favorite cake cutting picture EVER!! They were definitely struggling to cut through this cake… come to find out, they were attempting to cut through paper :0) Don’t worry they eventually figured it out and delicious cake was enjoyed by all!e15I love using my 70-200 lens during the reception, since it lets me catch sweet moments like this without having to be up close: e71Here’s your slideshow! Enjoy!!

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  1. Anna says:

    This is Anna, Erik’s sister. I’m the one in family photo with the baby. I LOVE all these pictures! Erik and Erica were lucky to have you as a photographer. How can I buy the photo of my family? Send me an email and let me know!


  2. Erica Borg says:

    The photos are amazing! You have such an incredible talent for capturing wonderful moments…they all bring back wonderful memories of the day! Thank you so much!

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