Manny and Alison- Williamsburg, VA

When my friend Jill agreed to start second shooting for me at some upcoming weddings, we wanted to get her out practicing with my spare camera asap! She is SUCH a natural! She picked up all the important manual settings right away and is already taking such gorgeous pictures! I can’t wait to see what she does this weekend at the wedding :0) You will remember one of my best friends Ali and her boyfriend Manny from last summer, and they very graciously agreed to pose for us two days in a row to let Jill get in lots of practice and I am so excited about the results! I mentioned to Ali and Manny that I wanted to find a big open field with tall grass, and they knew the perfect place. I could go back to that huge wheat field for every session from here on out and be perfectly happy :0) Check out some of my faaaaavorites from our two sessions, and some of Jill’s pictures at the end! 

Remember these from last summer?? :0) old2old1And one year later… ma1ma2ma3Love this one :0) ma4Holy cow words cannot express how much I LOVE these ones!!! I’m going to make one of these my next canvas print for my little gallery :0) Leave a comment and help me pick a favorite.. I love them all!! ma5ma6ma7ma8I think Manny was slightly offended that I cut his head out of the frame.. no offense Manny, its all in the name of art! ;0) ma9ma10ma11ma12ma13Somehow we managed to pry ourselves away from that field to head into colonial williamsburg for a few: ma15ma16ma17Manny, this one is for you ;0) ma18These last 5 are all Jill’s pictures!! So great!! :0) ma21LOVE this one of Ali!! ma22ma19ma20ma23

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  1. shelby roberts says:

    This field is in Colonial Williamsburg??? I would love to know. I’m getting married at the Lodge (not until next July) but I am desperately trying to find pictures spots for after the ceremony and I LOVE LOVE LOVE fields!

  2. April says:

    Beautiful photos!! WHERE IS THAT WHEAT FIELD???? It’s gorgeous!

  3. elizabeth verna says:

    I like ma6, 8 and 12. THe one if them holding hands does stick out the most to me! Love the wheat field and all you photos!

  4. Kelsey C says:

    i love the second one! in front of the red doors! man jessie you are good at what you do!

  5. Terresa Shaw says:

    Ok I love the first grass scene with the flares. But I would have to say my favorite is the third picture from the bottom! Love it! But the one of them holding hands in the grass field is so great, too!! Good luck deciding! :)

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