Dan and Ashleigh- Williamsburg, VA

I know I’m a little behind on blogging this week, but I have SO many great pictures to go through from the last few days its slightly overwhelming! I’m SO excited to first of all share Dan and Ashleigh’s gorgeous fairy tale wedding with you. From the first time I met with Ashleigh and her mother we hit it off right away and I have been so excited for her wedding to Dan ever since. They were planning a truly spectacular, classic storybook wedding and I was so anxious to see it all come together! They chose the Wren Chapel right in the heart of Williamsburg, where Ashleigh attended college. Colonial williamsburg is one of my favorite places to take pictures! Ashleigh was stunning, and Dan literally couldn’t take his eyes off of her as she walked down the aisle and for the first half of the ceremony! It was so sweet to see him glance at her every chance he could during the ceremony, simply to soak in the moment and how beautiful his bride was.  Ashleigh’s sister summed it up perfectly during her toast; not only is Ashleigh her beautiful, graceful self around Dan, she’s a better version of herself. Dan and Ashleigh, thank you so much for welcoming Jill and I into your family for the evening and allowing us to celebrate with you!

Ashleigh and Dan incorporated so many special personalized details into their wedding.. starting with Ashleigh’s gorgeous veil!! da1da2da3The lovely and super talented Jill Taylor has agreed to start 2nd shooting for me, and this was her first official wedding and she did SUCH a great job!! I’m so excited about what is in store for her, she got so many great images at the wedding! Whats funny is that June 7, 2008 was the first wedding that Katelyn every came to with me, and look at what this last year has held for her!! I wouldnt be surprised if it works out for Jill the same way ;0) These next two images are Jills! looove them :0) da4da5Of course every fairy tale wedding needs a handsome Prince Charming: da6I loved that Dan glanced over at Ashleigh every chance he could during the ceremony! da7da8da9and the finishing touch to the fairy tale wedding? A cinderella carriage, of course! :0) da10da11da12da13da14Have I mentioned lately that I L-O-V-E my job? Its so fun to me that I get to be with couples on the happiest day of their lives, and that always includes more than just taking pictures :0) Thanks for the picture, Jill! da15This one is Jill’s too! da16da17da18I’m pretty sure this picture is why they call this one the “Cinderella Carriage” :0) Just like the ‘happily ever after’ moment in the movie ;0) da19da20da21da22You know why I love this picture? Because this is exactly how I picture Dan and Ashleigh the moment they met each other! They met in an elevator, and I can just imagine that smile on Ashleigh’s face the first time she saw Dan :0) da23

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  1. Jessie says:

    Catherine!! Thats so exciting!! Congratulations! :0) I’m so excited for you, I had a feeling that was coming sometime soon ;0) Definitely give me a call when you all start planning!

  2. Beautiful day, Beautiful wedding, Beautiful couple,,, all captured thru these photos. Love Aunt Palmer and Ralph

  3. Catherine Schuller says:

    Jessie– The photos were breathtaking. . .really perfect. And guess what? Ajith and I got engaged the day after Ashleigh’s wedding. . .so perhaps you’ll be seeing us all again ;)

  4. Ashleigh and Dan says:

    Jessie, Your photos capture our beautiful day so perfectly! Thank you for being part of our most special memories. The images are stunning! We love you, Ashleigh and Dan

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