i love you to the moon and back

I had been meeting with tons of different families on a daily basis, and none of them really stuck out. I was hoping to be a nanny for the summer but after a week solid of meeting with over 10 families, I didn’t feel right about accepting any of the job offers. I  was starting to get pretty frustrated and prayed that God would show me in the next 3 days where he wanted me, and after that I would just pick one and go with it. The very next day I got an email from Paul looking for someone to hang out with their nine month old daughter for the summer while his wife spent quality time with their 3 older children and we set up a meeting for the next day. Julie opened the door, holding the most beautiful baby girl. Before we had even gotten through the initial introductions, Lauren had flung herself into my arms… and the rest is history.

I have spent the last 4.5 years falling more in love with the Borror family. From the first summer when Lauren would nap every day in my arms cause I just couldn’t put this cuddly baby down, to the next summer when Sammy came along 3 weeks before I started working, and the last two years as I’ve watched Lauren and Sam grow into best friends. I love how they play together, I’ll be in the next room and hear they both laughing hysterically. Lauren is such a girl after my own heart, I hear stories from when I was little and immediately think of things I’ve heard Lauren do or say. Lauren and I have a VERY special girls trip coming up in October that you definitely don’t want to miss ;0) Sammy is such a little stud; he has this little manly strut that makes me giggle every time. I love that he will still cuddle with me, he looked at me the other day and said “can you just hug me please?” c’mon, if that doesn’t melt your little baby heart I don’t know what will!! :0) After four years they know when I ask them “do you know how much I love you?” they very confidently reply “to the moooooon and back!!” 

Here are some pictures from their visit earlier this week! We spent time at the pool, making sand castles at the beach, visiting sharks at the aquarium, doing puzzles, reading books, watching disney movies, and laughing a lot :0) Enjoy!! 

Sammy was a liiiiittle apprehensive about the waves even despite his sisters best attempts: ls1Lauren on the other hand was loving the waves.. so this was a more typical scene ;0) ls2I love Sam’s face here.. he couldn’t understand how she got the sand castle to stay up! ls3ls4How stinkin cute is her suit?!? Love it! ls5HA I couldn’t resist ;0) ls6ls7No joke, they weren’t even in the car for 2 minutes before they were both O-U-T! Guess thats what happens when you spend the morning at the beach! ls8loooove that laugh! ls9See that little thing in her hand? She found this liiiiittle baby frog that she wanted to keep. She named him Butterfly.. then changed it to Fred ;0) Sam on the other hand was amused that his sister would hold it, but this was as close as he dared to go.. ls10ls11ls12I was SO excited when Jill agreed to take some pictures of me and my kiddos! After 4.5 years and millions of pictures of them, I figured it was about time for some of me with them :0) Here are some of my favorites! We found the BEST location in Williamsburg… looove it! I was so worried because it rained all morning and afternoon, but thankfully it cleared up and ended up being an absolutely beautiful evening! ls13ls14ls15this field was goooorgeous!! ls16such a cuddle bug :0) ls17this definitely took some coordination and only lasted about .3 seconds.. but its still funny to me :0) ls19ls20love my sweet princess :0) ls18There was this old tractor sitting on the opposite side of the field, the kids loved it but Sam was a little concerned that it wasn’t going anywhere ;0) ls21LOVE this one.. love his dirty toes ;0) ls22ls23ls24I’m off to Raleigh bright and early tomorrow morning with Katelyn for Kelsey and Adams wedding and I can’t wait! Its going to be gorgeous :0) Have a great weekend!!

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  2. Tina says:

    Great pics Jessie! Looks like you guys had a blast. I love that one of the three of you in the field and the fact that you all have dimples :)

  3. Nicole Endres says:

    Wow, Jess… I can’t believe it’s been 4 years! I remember meeting Paul and Julie and Lauren even before Sammy was even a thought!

    Great pictures, as always :) love you!

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