Oltmans Family- Raleigh, NC

Are you tired of seeing cute little girls in tutus on this blog yet? Never? Well good! You better brace yourself for a whole lotta cuteness in this post! I was so excited when Heather asked me to take some pictures of her beautiful girls after Kelsey’s wedding.. and even more excited when her cousin Marla decided to come along and make it a joint session! Heather and Nate’s youngest daughter Natalie is only one week older than Marla’s daughter Peyton, so of course we had to do lots of fun pictures of the girls together. Also thanks to Katelyn also for coming with me and braving the NC heat for a few more hours :0) I couldn’t narrow my favorites down anymore.. so enjoy an extra long post of these cute girls :0) 

Meet Ainsley, Natalie, and Riley :0) f1f2f3This might have been my favorite moment of the session.. as I’m taking this picture Nate looks at all his beautiful girls and says to me “Man, how did I get so lucky??” f4f5f6f7f8f9Natalie wasn’t so sure about standing up.. good thing she’s got such good sisters to hold her up.. eh, maybe just a little bit against her will ;0) f10f11I could have taken pictures of Natalie all day long.. she’s the sweetest smiliest baby!! f12this one just makes me giggle.. Heather told me this Natalie saying “praaaaaaaaaaaise Jesus!!!” f13Of course we had to do a couple pictures of Heather and Nate too! f14oh my GOODNESS if this doesn’t put a smile on your face I dont know what will.. f15f16f17Now meet Peyton! f18f19okay this one really makes me laugh too… I love how Peyton looks so concerned about Natalie ;0) f20aww now thats better :0) f21f22Clearly they think I’m hilarious. Or maybe its the 4 people jumping around behind me trying to make them smile for a solid 5 minutes that they think are so funny. Nah, its probably me they’re laughing at.. well, they’re laughing inside at least ;0) f23f24f25f26isn’t she so sweet?!f27Apparently Natalie likes Peyton’s dress.. I see a lifetime of sharing clothes in their future :0) f28f29Peyton thought Natalie needed a little grass on her head to match the flower on her own :0) f30Beautiful girls :0) f31Here are some that Katelyn took! kkblog2kkblog3

Happy Wednesday!!

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  2. Gail Elaine says:

    I don’t think a smile left my face once during this blog post. Especially when you started the Payton/Natalie series… What a great session and awesome job… Thank you for sharing.. You are a true motivator

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