Bergmann Family Reunion- Edgewater, MD

This has got to be a quick post because I’m running out the door but I just wanted to share a quick few picture from the 400+ people Bergmann Family reunion that Katelyn and I shot on July 4th! To be honest when my friend Tiffany first asked me to photograph her family reunion I was skeptical that there would actually be that many people there… I was definitely proved wrong! It was such a change of pace for me considering my entire family can be counted on both of my hands :0) Mrs. McGreer, I’m so impressed at how everything came together! I know you and your family worked so hard on this event, and it showed all day long! Everyone had a wonderful time thanks to all the hard work and time you all spent planning the last few months! Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!!! reunionreunion11For most of the date Katelyn and I were split up as there were just SO many family formal pictures and large group shots to be taken, and one point I asked Tiffany where Katelyn was since I didn’t see her anywhere… needless to say, the water was the one place I DIDN’T check before I asked! And they say it doesn’t take anything to be a photographer.. HA! ;0)reunion5reunion8reunion10

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