Mike and Carolyn- Georgetown, DC

I think Carolyn and Mike win the award for having their session rescheduled the most number of times. It seemed every time we rescheduled their session it ended up pouring down rain just the day of their session! It would be beautiful the day before and the day after, but sure enough it would rain just enough to cancel our session. Carolyn and Mike are getting married August 1st down in Virginia Beach, so last weekend when I was home it was now or never! We came up with an okay rain plan, but I know neither Carolyn or I were really excited about shooting inside, especially not after we both had our heart set on going to the gorgeous Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown for their session. Well despite it being cloudy and looking like it could pour all day long, the rain held off and we ended up with a perfectly overcast afternoon for their engagement session!! I’m so excited for their wedding next month, I know everything is going to come together so beautifully- so make sure you check back in a month for their wedding pictures! 

cm1cm2cm3cm4cm5cm6cm7These next ones are definitely my favorite! Dumbarton Oaks is one of my favorite places to shoot at, I love all the amazing flowers, but I love all the cool architecture elements to it even more! cm8cm9cm10Although I do really love these ones too.. cm11cm12cm13cm14cm15cm16

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