Justin and Lori- Day After Session

One of the most common questions I get from new clients is ‘What the heck is a day after session?’ They are definitely my new favorite thing and something I would encourage ANY couple to book whether I’m able to photograph your wedding or not! A ‘Day After’ session doesn’t necessarily have to be done literally the day after your wedding, but its just another opportunity for you to put on the dress that you fell in love with one more time and spend a full two hours taking TONS of great relaxed portraits without the pressure of keeping your guests waiting or worrying about getting a spot on your dress. By far the best pictures from your day and the ones that I call the most ‘wall-worthy’ (aka the ones that you want to blow up and show off in your new home) are going to be the ones of just the two of you taken right after the ceremony (or right before the ceremony if you’re one of my amazing couples that hare opting for a first-look!). So often there just isn’t enough time on your wedding day because you don’t want to keep your guests waiting at the reception, or the location gives you a time limit, so I would much rather take as many as we can on your wedding day, but know that we have a full two hours to spend together taking lots of those great wall-worthy pictures at a later date when we can take our time. 

Another huge benefit to booking a ‘day after’ session is that we can go to a completely different location than your wedding day, so if there is a spot thats special to you as a couple, or you want to be able to get an entirely different ‘feel’ to your pictures. With Lori and Justin, we went to several different locations so they were able to get a really wide range of pictures! Also since the wedding day has passed and this is the last time you will ever wear your dress, its no big deal to do something like sit down in the grass or the sand. I’ve had brides literally ‘trash’ their dress, and after one trip to the dry cleaners it came out good as new! You’re never going to wear the dress again, so you might as well get some AWESOME pictures in it! :0) 

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a pretty big fan of the idea of everyone doing a ‘day after’ session :0) Whether I was able to photograph your wedding and you just want even more pictures of you and your new husband, or I was already booked and you want some time with me and my camera to get all those wall worthy pictures too… its definitely worth the investment and little bit of extra time! 

I was so excited when Katelyn invited me to come along for her day after session with Justin and Lori… well, actually this was more like a ‘year after’ since they just celebrated their one year anniversary. See, its never too late to book a session! Thanks for letting me tag along; Katelyn, its about time I started 2nd shooting for you too :0) 

jl1Katelyn had picked out so many great locations! We started off in the hilton village neighborhood in Newport News: jl2jl3jl4jl5jl5bjl6Then we headed over to the train tracks for a different look… this is definitely one of my favorites! jl10jl7jl8jl8bjl9I’m so thankful that Justin and Lori were up for anything, then we headed over to downtown newport news, which might not sound like the most appealing place for pictures, but I love the results! I think when you take something so elegant as a bride in her dress and a groom in a tux and put them in more of an urban setting, it makes for SUCH a cool image! jl11jl12jl13jl13bjl14jl15jl16jl17jl18The last place we went was a little park in Hampton.. who knew such a gorgeous location was right around the corner?!? I love all of these last ones, I couldn’t narrow it down anymore :0) jl19jl20This next one needs to be made into a HUGE canvas. HUGE! :0) Can’t you see it now?!? jl21jl22jl23jl23bjl24jl25Now if those don’t convince you that a day after session is the best thing out there.. i don’t know what will! :0)

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  1. Jenny Nesbitt says:

    these are beautiful pictures. I love all of them. I do have one or two favorites, but they are all so beautiful. I can’t believe it’s already been a year

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