Derek and Sara- Newport News, VA

There’s a very good reason I like to get to know my couples before their wedding; it allows me to not only shoot the wedding as a professional photographer, but more importantly as a friend who is standing behind them celebrating the joy of their new marriage. I was so honored when Sara contacted me a few months ago to photograph her wedding; the Bevins family has meant more to me over the last 4 years than they will ever know. I had the pure honor of being Sara’s younger brother Matt’s younglife leader all thoughout college, and words cannot explain how invaluable Matt and his family has been when it comes to what God is doing at Warwick High School. Matt was the first guy we got to know when we very first started at warwick years ago, and its been so amazing to watch him turn into such a christ-like young man. I couldn’t be prouder of him! Anyone who is familiar with YL knows that it doesn’t function without the support of people in the community, and Mike and Kris were always so full of encouragement and generosity towards myself and this ministry.. I miss being able to see them every Friday night at football games! :0) This family has meant so much to me… so needless to say I was so full of excitement for Sara and Derek! Sara and Derek both went out of their way to prioritize photography on their wedding day (have I mentioned yet how much I love them? oh I have? 12 times already? okay good, just making sure..) and make me feel so welcome. I think I cried along with Sara all afternoon as she prepared to marry Derek. I teared up when Sara’s dad came into see her while she was getting ready, I cried when she walked down the aisle to meet her husband, and I bawled as she shared a sweet dance with her father. You can tell how much Sara adores her parents and how much they mean to her, and I think anyone would be able to tell so, even if they hadn’t spent the last 4 years around her family. 

Derek and Sara, thank you so much for allowing me to be a small part of your wedding day and for the blog-love the last few months :0) People just like you are the reason I do what I do; thanks for sharing your lives with me and letting me laugh and cry with you on your wedding day! Love you both! 

My day started off GREAT! I showed up 2 hours before the ceremony and Derek said the guys were ready to go. “You mean all the guys are here? And no random jacket or shoe is missing?? And they’re all DRESSED and READY FOR PICTURES?!” That has literally never happened to me before! I usually wait and hang out with the guys right before the ceremony because they’re usually the last ones ready, but these guys were awesome! We had plenty of time to do lots of fun pictures with the guys. They did absolutely anything I asked them to right when I asked. I clearly remember thinking to myself “wow obedient groomsmen… now I could get used to this!” ;0) ds11Lookin sharp! ds21ds3Some fun detail shots: ds4ds5ds6ds7ds8oh my GOODNESS i love this one of Sara and her Dad!! I think this was about .42 seconds before we both started tearing up ;0) ds9ds10ds111ds12ds13ds14ds15I went to explain how I wanted Sara and Derek to stand for this shot and Derek looks at me and says “oh yeah I gotcha, I’ve seen this one on the blog”… I always knew I liked him ;0) ds16ds17This is why we call them relaxed portraits. I love this shot of them, just a clean cut relaxed portrait that shows just how happy they both are! ds18ds19ds20Sara, you are STUNNING! I showed this shot to Derek at the reception and he was literally speechless… understandably so!! ds211Now meet Connor, the most handsome little man there :0) Connor is Sara and Derek’s son and I could have taken pictures of the three of them all day! Aren’t they the cutest family?!? ds22ds23Connor has the cutest chubbiest kissy cheeks!! Ah I could just eat them up! ds24beautiful :0) ds25okay so all of my clients know that I’m not a huge fan of family formals, but this was one shot that I just HAD to get :0) I’ve always thought that Connor looks just like Sara’s dad and brother Matt so I had to get a picture of them three of them to prove it .. what do you think?? :0) ds26love this shot during their first dance! ds27ds28ds29ds30ds31Two of my all time favorite young life kids Matt and Chelsea.. am I still allowed to call them younglife kids even if they’re in their sophomore year of college?? ah what the heck, they will always be two of my favorites :0) It made my whole day when Matt blessed the food at the reception and he asked everyone to “close your eyes, and bow your heads” just like he did every single time he prayed at campaigners ;0) aaah the memories… I’m so proud of you both! ds32ds33Enjoy your slideshow!

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  1. Kelsey C says:

    that bride’s hair is so sweet. and that CAKE! geez. you have the coolest job jess!

  2. Dawn Smith says:

    These photos are incredible…it was a beautiful wedding, but these photos make it look even more perfect! These photos will provide them some great memories of their special day.

  3. Dave & Lori Abel says:

    Thank you so much for bringing out the joy from this special day for Derek and Sara through your pictures for all of us… We had a wonderful time and the wedding was beautiful and you truely captured it!!
    Dave-Lori Abel

  4. Kris Bevins says:

    The pictures are amazing! (Of course, I knew they would be !!!)
    I can’t thank you enough for spending the day with our daughter and new son-in-law and capturing great photos of there special day ! We love you !
    Mike and Kris

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