Albums, Albums Everywhere!

You’ve probably wondering where I’ve been this past week with a lack of updates, I’ve been busy meeting with new clients (woo!) and designing lots of albums! I’ve been working on two new portrait albums, one being a sample guest book album, and a bunch of albums from weddings in past spring! I’m so excited that 90% of my clients this year decided to order a custom designed storybook leather album! So I’ve been busy designing away, and thought I’d give you a little sneak preview of some of these albums.. 4 down, 3 more to go this week!

First up was Emily and Nathan’s wedding album! They ordered a beautiful 10×10 black leather album. Emily and Nate opted for a more simple, clean cut design which I LOOOVE and think makes the pictures really pop! :0) bpg0405-copypg1011-copybpg2829-copyNext up was a 10×7 sample guestbook from Scooter and Ashley’s engagement session, I’m excited that several couples have opted to order one of these for their wedding instead of using a traditional signature guestbook! These are such a great way to show off your pictures and have lots of room for your guests to leave fun comments! b008009-copyb016017-copyb012013-copy1Next was Erica and Erik’s 8×8 wedding album!bpg0405e-copybpg0607-copyand last but not least, I wanted to do another sample album from Justin and Lori’s day after session.. these little portrait albums are a great way to display your images in a fun, classy way for sessions that don’t necessarily need the larger storybook albums. Here’s the first page of their album: b000001-copyb016017l-copyThis is the jacket cover of their album.. the front and back: blogcoverKeep a look out for the hard copies of these albums coming soon! I’ve got three more albums I’m working on this week, so I’ll make sure to share a few pages when I’m done :0)

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  1. Sara says:

    aww! these look amazing, I love Throupe’s it’s a new one I haven’t seen!! I cannot wait to see mine, ps: I have over 20 in my love it!!

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