where the paint brush meets the drum stick


Incase you missed it a while back, I did a post on my uncle Michael who is not only the drummer for the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd, but also now being recognized for his incredible art! When I saw that Skynyrd was doing a show in July down in Virginia Beach I immediately blocked off that Saturday (sorry to the couple brides who asked about July 25th!) in hopes I would be able to spend some time with Michael before the show! Mission accomplished!! Michael was awesome and set me up with two tickets and back stage passes so my friend Jenny and I got to go spend about an hour with him before the show! It was awesome hearing about the tour and all his recent art projects which have been incredibly successful, especially his recent portrait of one of his heros Charlie Chaplin. I have always loved going to his concerts, you can tell watching him how much he is in his element up there rocking out :0) Make sure you check out his website and click on all the links on the left hand side to see all of his work! Michael, thanks so much for giving us a sneak peek of your new project and for spending some extra time with me last saturday! I’m so proud to call you Uncle Michael :0) 

Since pictures were definitely a no-go during the show (no joke as soon as I pulled out my camera Jenny saw one of the security guys look over) I only had time to snap literally one quick picture at the very beginning.. so I apologize for my lack of pictures for this post! So here’s one of me and Michael before the show.. aaand the one I managed to sneak during :0) 


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