Sweet John- 6 Months

Have I mentioned lately how much I am LOVING doing all these ‘Babies First Year’ packages?!? Well, I am!! It is so fun to watch these little guys grow and change so much in just a matter of 3 months! Remember this sweet baby boy from 3 months ago? Check out that super cute smile John’s got going on these days.. its guaranteed to melt your little baby heart :0) John was the happiest, smiliest baby; I got to hold him for a minute when I first got there and had to tell Mary Elizabeth to remind me to put the baby down and pick up the camera. I think if I was Mary Elizabeth and Meade I would just want to cuddle John 24-7 :0) He was getting a little tired about half way through, so Mary Elizabeth would lay him down thinking he was going to take a little cat nap, and he would literally look up at us and just start laughing, and you know he was thinking “HA! faked you out AGAIN!” Oh yeah, he knows he’s the cute :0) Check out how much John has grown! 

j1j2oh my GOODNESS I love this one :0) such a sweet smile! j3j4j5clearly he thought Mary Elizabeth and I were hilarious :0) j6I couldnt get enough of those big blue eyes! Aren’t they gorgeous?! j7j8j9aaaah there we go, he finally decided he was done teasing us and was ready for a little nap :0) j11Love these next couple with Mom :0) j10j12j13j14j15Love these last ones.. ahh I just can’t get enough of that smile :0) j16

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  1. Elizabeth Verna says:

    Jessie! These are great pics, looks like you had an easy subject to work with. What a handsome and happy baby he is! Babies go through such a change between 3 and 6 months wow; so FUN!

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