Fairy, Fairy, PRINCESS!

I can’t believe my baby girl turned 5 yesterday. Wasn’t it just last week she was taking her first steps? Now she’s going to kindergarten?!? I asked her yesterday if she would help me figure out a way for her to stop growing, BUT she seemed pretty excited for her ballet princess tea party and everything that comes along with turning 5 years old.. so I guess we’ll just let her keep growing up.. for now ;0)

I’m so glad that it worked out for me to make a quick trip up to Northern Virginia so I could celebrate with Lauren and her family! They had planned the CUTEST birthday party for her at the new ballet studio in McLean (it just opened, so website will be coming soon!) and it was the sweetest thing I’ve seen, all the girls had SO much fun pretending to be Cinderella getting ready for the ball. They dressed up in beautiful ball gowns, tried on the glass slipper, and ended the day with putting on their veil and going to marry Prince Charming.. so stinkin cute! They played games like pass the tiara and fairy, fairy, princess (which one of the girls quickly noted sounded an awful lot like duck duck goose…) Then there was a sweet tea party set up for them where they got lessons on how to have princess-like conversation (asking each other “how do you do today?”), how to hold their tea cup with their pinky up, and how to stir their glass without clinking. All very important lessons for little princesses to learn! I will make sure to post the info about the studio here when I get it, any moms in the northern virginia area with a little princess of their own should definitely look into ballet lessons or birthday parties here! The ladies that ran it did such a fabulous job!

First we decided to take just a few pictures of Lauren and her family before we headed out to the party. I have quite a few (ahem..) pictures of Lauren and Sam, that we needed to take some great ones of mom and dad and big sister Jen to go with them! l1l2l5l6l8umm helllloooooooo gorgeous!! I LOVE this picture of Jen :0) l9look at them!! so cute!! can’t you tell they were having such a blast?! l13tea party time! l14Lauren has mastered the pinky up position.. I’m pretty sure she and Julie have princess lessons at home on a regular basis ;0) l16Happy Birthday Lauren!! I love you to the moon and back! l17

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