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I have been trying to find time to go see my cousin Laura and my godkids Bobby and Riley all summer long, so needless to say when Laura called and said they were going to my grandparents house in Roan Mountain, TN for a few days and surprisingly I didn’t have any sessions booked, I was there!! It had been a little over a year since I’d seen them last, and the kids have grown so much! Riley was barely a year old last time I saw her, and now she is such a smart, talkative, funny little girl who was so full of kisses and cuddles I wanted to just eat her chubby little cheeks :0) Bobby is such a great big brother to his baby sister, and it made my day that he constantly wanted to be holding my hand or up in my lap.. definitely a cuddle bug! Those are my favorite :0) I was too busy playing most of the time to take pictures, but I did manage to snap a couple good ones! Check out these super cute kids! t1I’m pretty sure this was the “why the heck are you taking pictures when you should be playing with meeee?!?” face :0) t2Grandpa took us fishing at aunt sally’s house.. and Bobby hadn’t even been fishing for 2 minutes when he caught one! t3then we got to go for a ride on their boat! Riley definitely wasn’t too sure at first, but she warmed right up once she found some cool shades and a snack :0) t4t5t6The next day Lulu and I took the kids to Tweetsie Railroad.. so fun! These pictures crack me up, Riley was so distracted the entire ride looking behind her… t7come to find out she was checkin out the little boy in the boat behind her!! look out world, she’s already checking out boys! eek!! t8t9she was so cute with this little baby goat! t10ready for a ride on the cheesiest train ride in the world!! ;0) t11t12LOVE this one of RileyLane :0) t13oh man he kills me with the faces he makes.. such a goof! t15then we were able to meet our cousin Jama and her kids Baylee and Braden for dinner.. all the kids hit it off right away! Some of my most favorite memories are of playing with my cousins Laura and Tyler at our grandparents house in tennessee every summer, and its so fun to think that these kids will get to have those same type of memories! I wish I could find a picture of myself, Kevin, Laura, and Ty to put next to this one! They literally had so much fun running around together after dinner, I was shocked when I pulled out my camera and they all lined up.. even more surprised when they held still for a solid 15 seconds for me to snap a couple pictures! t16There’s lots of other pictures from my trip on facebook.. so be my friend if you want to see more pictures! :0) Can’t wait to share Molly and Jake’s wedding from this past weekend!! They opted for a first look, and all of their pictures are amazing! So make sure you check back for those! Hope you had a great weekend!

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